Training benefits

If you are an older Canberran, or a Canberran with a disability, you can increase your self confidence by studying Kung /Wushu. There is the thrill of learning and becoming proficient at a new skill. And your improved coordination, and knowing even a little self defence will mean you can walk straighter – you can make sure you don’t look like an easy target! This will help your self-esteem, which will feed back, and give you greater confidence.

Of course, being able to back that up with decisive self defence is important, and you will learn techniques suitable, and tailored for you.

There are many direct and indirect health benefits from studying Kung Fu. Being active – within your own capacities – is important for the mind as well as the body.

While extra care and guidance is needed, your cardio-vascular system will improve with greater activity, and gaining even a little strength and flexibility will assist your every day life.

Learning how to extend both your physical and mental capacities – because Kung Fu/Wushu will engage your mind – can lead to improved health, and certainly to more enjoyment of life.

Meditation is a tool for calming your mind, and achieving that feeling of harmony, which can only be of benefit.

Many schools also teach Chi Gung, or internal energy, which we believe can aid in keeping you healthier.

It is never too late to become in tune with yourself and your environment!

Working out with other people
Whether you come and join in general classes, or arrange a group of people to be taught, you will be training and learning with others. It provides a social outlet – you may meet new people, and you should have fun!

New concepts
It doesn’t matter who you are – we can all gain by accepting new challenges. You will be guided through your learning by highly experienced and competent instructors – who like teaching, and welcome the opportunity to help students of all kinds experience new concepts.

How to start
Contact one or more of the providers listed (and feel free to check out their Websites), to see if they can offer what you would like.

Have a think about whether you would like to come to existing classes, or arrange for someone to come and teach a group of you, Discuss this with the provider of your choice.

Consider your budget, and ask how much different options will cost. Ask if the provider is able to consider a discount, particularly if you have a group.

And remember, the first step is the hardest – come along and start!