Historic Breakthrough! Wushu an Official Event at the Youth Olympics

Wushu, widely known as Chinese Kungfu, will make its debut as an official sport at the 2022 Dakar Youth Olympic Games.

LAUSANNE, Jan. 8: After appearing as special exhibition events at both the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Wushu, widely known as Chinese Kungfu, will make its debut as an official sport at the 2022 Dakar Youth Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee confirmed at Wednesday’s executive board meeting.

It is the first time that Wushu will be officially included in Olympic competition.

With a long history and deep roots in the country’s cultural and spiritual traditions, Chinese traditional wushu elegantly unites the body and spirit. China wishes to share these qualities with the world.

Following the promotional efforts of the International Wushu Federation and Chinese Wushu Association, Wushu has gained a wide-ranging popularity across the world, especially among young participants. Statistics show that, today, about 120 million people are engaged in Wushu around the globe.

KWA Now Accepting Applications for High Performance Coach

Applications are invited for the position of High Performance coach (Taolu or Sanda) for 2020 – 2024 with the basic role description as follows:

  • Successful candidate’s performance will be reviewed after two years. If his / her job performance or team performance is not satisfactory, he / she may be replaced.
  • Is automatically the national team head coach for the international tournaments during their four year term.
  • Is expected to attend all IWuF international tournaments during their term. (World Championships, Regional Championships such as Oceania, and other special IWuF  sanctioned events).
  • Should be at every national tournament to look at new talent.
  • Will work with KWA Team Selection Panel to decide team officials for each tournament. For example: assistant coach / medic / manager.

Download the application here (HP Coach application) for more information.

2020 Sanda World Cup Confirmed for Australia

KWA President Walt Missingham has today confirmed that the 2020 World SANDA Cup will be staged in Melbourne from the 4-6 September 2020. The event will be the biggest martial arts event ever staged in Australia and the first World Championships to be conducted by KWA.
The multi million dollar Event is being fully backed by the global martial arts event giant KLF and will feature the largest global media coverage ever provided to an Australian martial arts event. Walt paid tribute to the commitment, professionalism and vision of KLF Founder & CEO Jiang Hua and KLF Pacific Asia CEO Ted Yang. We all look forward to what will be a truly amazing milestone on the evolution of martial arts media events.