Kung Fu Wushu ACT wishes to invite older Canberrans, and Canberrans with a disability to experience the benefits of training in Kung Fu/Wushu.

The ancient Chinese martial arts are about much more than just kicking and punching  – while they will certainly teach effective self defence, they also offer ways to achieve inner peace and harmony. Chi Gung and regular exercise, tailored to the individual’s needs, may also improve health.

Importantly, you will have some fun, try something different – and explore your own potential!

Programmes will be available for you as part of ordinary or special classes, and for group classes at your locations. Kung Fu Wushu ACT invites you to contact the following Schools for details of their programmes:

Belconnen and North
Bac Fu Do Kung Fu
Instructor: Sifu David Crook
email: sifudavo@gmail.com
phone: 0410 680 269 (Drew)
Web: www.bacfudo.com.au

Central (inner) Canberra
Fire Dragon Australia (Pai Lum Kung Fu)
Instructor: Grandmaster Neal Hardy
email:  masterhardy@firedragon.com.au
phone: 0421 849551
Web:  www.firedragon.com.au

Canberra Wing Chun Academy
Instructor:  Sifu Allan F. Graham
email: wingc8@bigpond.com
phone: 0427700062
Web:  www.wingchun.net.au

Kung Fu Wushu ACT is proud and grateful to acknowledge ACT Government support for its Overcoming Challenges Programme through a grant from the ACT Government’s Community Sport and Recreation Development Program

This Programme is aimed to help Canberrans who are 65 or older, and Canberrans with a disability to reach more of their potential – and to enjoy life more, by being active.